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Time for a brew with your SBL crew!

The SBL Teabreak is a chance for the SBM Community to down tools, grab a cuppa and get together every Tuesday at 4pm to chat about the latest going’s on.

This week, it was my turn to host and the topic was SBL Wellbeing. I was joined by the lovely Rachel Younger, SBL and NAHT Council Chair based in Blackpool.

I kick started the chat by asking the group “What are the biggest causes of pressure the SBM is feeling right now?” (ignoring COVID and the current voucher system!) I think I was right in declaring the answer “Other people”.

As SBMs we love our processes and systems, so to support our own Wellbeing, we can sort the ‘other people’ we deal with daily by using the RAG system as follows:

The Greens

The Green people are your champions. These are your go-to’s in school who will always share their last kit kat with you. They are motivated, passionate, knowledgeable and well respected within the team. They are amazing beings in the school and shine like the Emerald City as a beacon of hope. They are spread across the site, working hard in all types of roles. Full of smiles and joy, they offer you great advice and listen to your grumbles even when you have made a mistake. Greens are good! These guys are winners. Go Greens!

The Ambers

The people in this group are neutral. They don’t provoke a reaction from you but without care and attention from yourself, these guys can slip to red dependent on the situation. The Ambers are hard-working people who dislike the limelight but you know they’re there. Try to get to know the Ambers more and move them up to Green.

The Reds

The people in the group are the ones you may find the most challenging to deal with. They conjure emotions in you that you find hard to deal with in the moment. This can cause you to feel stress, anxiety and negativity which is not great for your personal wellbeing. How you feel can affect your productivity, so you must learn how to deal with this group of individuals. The Reds can be found in all areas of the school. You cannot avoid them, so you need to beat your own gremlins and be smart in your approach. Your wellbeing will thank you for it.

Rachel Younger gave great advice to the group about how to deal with certain Red characters and offered words of encouragement for us to return in September with which resonated with a lot of us: “Respond not react”.

Although we cannot control how other people behave, we have the power of self-control. As SBL professionals, we can choose how to respond to our Reds. By pinching some of the Greens’ joyous outlook to life, we must use this to build up our own reserves of SBM superpower. We must find our voices and gain confidence to be the person who walked into the job interview in the first place. This will in turn boost our own wellbeing.

The next discussion focused on confidence and describing how easy it was to become your own enemy. The group shared ideas and even suggested using a 360 tool to develop one's own leadership style. The session ended being quite a reflective one with honesty and supportive opinions to boost SBL wellbeing.

The #SBLteabreak is a truly great way to meet and share ideas in an informal way. It has only been running for a few weeks but already gathering momentum across #sbltwitter

There is no pressure to speak, you just can sit and listen to others if you want, and erm... drink tea. That's the beauty of it. No judgement, no pressure, just support. I hope more SBMs will gain the confidence to sign up and join us.

I am using #sbltwitter to boost my networking opportunities. I relish the support and inspiration online. I love hearing others stories and am willing to help wherever, whenever. In turn, I have my very own team of 'Super Greens' cheering me on every step of the way.

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