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SBLVoice Poll 1: Should Level 4 be the minimum entry requirement to the SBL profession?

During the week commencing 25th October 2021, @SBLConnect polled School Business Leaders on the following question:

Do you think all SBL jobs should have a minimum Level 4 qualification requirement for all applicants?

The possible answers were:

  1. No

  2. Yes, and that qualification should be in place prior to appointment.

  3. Yes, but that qualification could be studied once in post.


This was the first in a new series of opinion polls that SBLConnect will be running as part of our new #SBLVoice programme. We hope that SBLVoice will become a resource and a mouthpiece for the School Business Leadership profession - a place where all school business professionals can voice their opinions on topics relevant to our profession, and most importantly, where they will be heard.

You can find out more about SBLVoice on our website

The Audience

We placed our poll on the @SBLConnect Twitter account, which has 1825 followers, on the ‘School Business Managers UK’ group on Facebook (1,200 members) and the ‘School Business Manager (UK)’ group on LinkedIn (4,351). The poll was posted for 24 hours and in that time we received a total of 340 responses.

The Results

The results have been split to show the very differing opinions of the audiences of the three different social media platforms. Whilst there is clearly some crossover of members, there was a distinct split in opinion between the three groups, which is fascinating. This is something we will be exploring further with future polls.

Chart One shows the number of responses, split by audience group: