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SBLConnect's SBLVoice is a place where School Business Leaders can make their voices heard. 
Through surveys and polls, we gain insight into the real life experiences and opinions of School Business Leaders in the UK.

By joining SBLConnect and SBLVoice for free, you can ensure that your voice is heard and help shape the future of the profession.

As we gather new information and opinion, we will share the outcomes here, and encourage our profession to engage in a active dialogue about key aspects of our roles, about our schools and about the impact of government policy on the resourcing, finance and compliance of education systems.

Through open and honest discussion, we hope to become a live and active voice for the School Business profession. Those discussions and opinions will form a knowledge base and resource for organisations, policy makers and the media to gain insight into and access to live and current opinion from practitioners at the front line of school leadership. 

We are a completely independent grassroots organisation, with nothing to sell, no sponsors to represent and no government agendas to push. Our SBLVoice is your SBL voice so join in and be part of our national conversation. 


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